House in Tasmania

Year: 2021
Photography: Max Combi
Builder: Southside Builder
Country: Paredarerme Land

‘Big Red’ prevails as an addition to the Tasmanian landscape that strives to meet the junction of considered design and affordability. Sitting softly amidst the surrounding dwellings, the resolution of the buildings form began with direct referencing of the vernacular of buildings in the immediate surroundings.

As much as acknowledging the additive benefits that this project brings to the site is important; what the building doesn’t do is equally as notable: ‘Big Red’ does not attempt to promote itself above the other homes in the area. It finds itself proud of how it sits succinctly amongst its surrounds.

The brief expressed the desire for the home to capture two important views. One toward the distant Kunanyi and the ever-changing weather patterns witnessed across the water. The other view toward Primrose Sands beach where the clients love to take their dogs for a stroll and a swim. The planning resolution of the twisted pavilions was a response to these two desired views.

At its core, the home is environmentally sustainable. The project demonstrates a pared-back, unpretentious architectural approach deliver a cost-effective outcome.