House in Kensington

Year: 2022
Photography: Pablo Veiga
Builder: King Renovations and Building
Country: Gadigal Land

A full interior and exterior renovation of a c.1905 federation cottage and converted stables outbuilding.  The extensive renovation aims to blur the line between old and new, original and reinterpreted. Respecting its federation past, the renovation provides a contemporary overlay that honours decorative ornamentation and materials familiar to the federation era.

Our clients, a couple in their 70s and 80s ‘upscaled’ from a two-bedroom apartment which suffered from poor natural light, to be closer to family in Sydney.

Interior colour, decoration and furniture selections were inspired by the extensive collection of art painted by our client over several years. The home balances a neutral foundation palette with a colourful collection of treasures and paintings. Becoming part gallery for the owners’ work and items collected over the years, there is also a clear retention of the familiar sensibility of what makes a home.

The project articulates how little demolition and structural intervention needs to be done to our 100+ year old housing stock to provide a contemporary, sustainable and comfortable place to live.