Apartment in Double Bay II

Year: 2023
Photography: Pablo Veiga
Builder: King Renovations and Building
Country: Birrabirragal Country

Apartment in Double Bay II is a playful renovation of a 1970s apartment situated on heritage-listed grounds. For clients who have owned the apartment since its conception, the renovation was conscious of the 1970s architecture that prevailed in the home - a 45-year-old, untouched developer display suite still adored by our clients.

The design makes sure the client’s way of living and fond memories of their home do not disappear whilst making way for a contemporary lifestyle. Minimal interventions to the planning of the apartment provided maximum effect. By removing a few non-structural walls that separated enclosed verandahs from their connecting rooms, we spatially opened the plan and directed views toward the beautiful heritage listed gardens.

The material selections are limited, but not unrelieved. Granite, stone, chrome, bronze, carpet, arches, curves, colour, and furniture choices were an extension of what previously existed, not a departure. We weren’t engaged to change their home, we were engaged to heighten it.