House in Newtown

Year: 2020
Photography: Clinton Weaver
Builder: Pacific Projects
Country: Gadigal Land

House in Newtown explores how a small footprint and floor area can create a high level of amenity, and how we can live more sustainably. Wanting an architecturally designed home that represented their own personality on a tight budget, the clients willingly accepted a smaller house in order to live in a space that was ‘uniquely home’.

The new addition is deliberately singular in colour and simple in form so as to not further overwhelm the surroundings. The lightweight addition sits quietly in its busy/grungy surrounds. Openings to the courtyard and rear community park were designed as finely framed apertures and the green roof provides an outlook not only for the subject dwellers but the surrounding dwellers alike, providing a nice contrast to the harder built structures.

This project is an exploration of how to dwell in smaller spaces, in dense environments connected to sunlight, greenery and the outdoors.