House in Narrawallee

Year: 2023
Photography: Cameron Deynzer
Landscape Architect: TARN Studios
Builder: Evisage Construction & Design
Country: Mollymook

House in Narrawallee is a post-and-beam platform home perched on stilts, which sits lightly on the sloping land beneath. The brief was to imaginatively reinvent the beachcomber style home to accommodate extended family trips down the coast from Sydney, but without losing the home or surrounding area’s charm.

Colour was a journey throughout the process, the clients wanted to make sure their holiday home was a playful escape. This led to a material and colour study that created a series of rooms soaked in colourful paints, tiles, and stones. Kassia St Clair’s The Secret Lives of Colour was a starting point for our investigation into a playful, yet contextual, use of colour.

The project is centred around the concept of minimal intervention. There were no large structural changes to the building, instead an interiors-based conversion of spaces that weren’t working into vibrant and varied environments. New openings in the façade give every room a view to the newly planted native garden by TARN studio, afternoon sun and opportunity for cross ventilation.