House in Surry Hills

Year: 2023
Photography: Martin Siegner
Landscape Architect: Even Spaces
Builder: Marsh to Mansion
Country: Gadigal Land

House in Surry Hills explores a contextually responsive, colourful and experimental home. The design seeks to showcase the beauty and abilities of materials, creating a series of vaulted sculptural pavilions in an urban garden.

The original 1880s Victorian terrace, not yet lived in by our clients was in a run-down, uninhabited condition. The roughness, history and 1970s modification of the existing terrace was embraced but generally left unmodified.

The living pavilion has been designed as an outdoor room surrounded by gardens. Internal materials use sustainably made bricks, stone tiles and Australian hardwood timbers. A close collaboration with our landscape architect ensured material selections flow effortlessly from the outside to the inside.

Colour formed a big part of the design brief from our clients. The use of colour aims to understand how one may experience the home, distinguishing private spaces from public ones – defining the function or personality of a room.